Final Transcript Requests

Once you have determined what college you will be attending it is important to make sure to inform the Counseling Office of your decision.

At the end of the school year your college will be expecting the high school to send a document called a FINAL TRANSCRIPT, which lists your final averages and your date of graduation. Students may not be allowed to start classes in the fall semester if a final transcript is not on file at the college.

If you change your college choice over the summer remember to inform the Counseling Office so that proper documentation can be sent to that college.

If you completed any COLLEGE Level Courses while attending Camden High School you will also need to use the links below to have the college send your final transcript to the college you will be attending in the fall.

Click on this link, then click on the Related File to access the correct links for transcript requests for college-level coursework.

Transcript Request Forms