Financial Aid and Scholarships

One of the determining factors of a smooth transition to college is making certain to take advantage of all financial aid and scholarship services that are available both through government and private sources.


Need Based $

Based on family income
2 Step process

*FAFSA Application (file after October 1)
Awards students Pell Grant money from the federal government

FAFSA Website


*TAP Application awards students TAP money
from New York State and  will only go to a NYS college

TAP Website (for seniors going to New York Colleges)

Merit Based $ / Scholarship $


What organizations have you and your family belonged to?

Do you have a family member who is a veteran, a union member, etc.?

Local Community

Coordinated through the Counseling Office

Class Night Roster is handed out and posted to this website in early February

Most applications are due February through April

Awarded at the Class Night on Thursday, June 7, 2018 at 6 pm


Coordinated through individual colleges

Educate yourself regarding their process for awarding money

CSS Profile may be required for some private colleges CSS Profile Website


Locate $ through a variety of sources

Click to Counseling Office Scholarship Page
Click to access FastWeb Scholarship Search
Click to access Federal Student Aid


Individual college will inform you of your options in their financial aid award letter

Primary options: Government loans, then Private loans

Click to access Federal Student Loans

Helpful website to learn more in depth information:

Federal Student Aid

New York Higher Education Services Corp.

New York State Financial Aid Administrators Association

SUNY Smart Track Empowered Financial Planning



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