Health-S. Smith

  Autism Is a World  DVD 618.9 AUT
  Family Secrets: Inside Addiction  DVD 616.8 FAM
  Girl, Interrupted   DVD 616.8 KAY
  Rain Man  DVD FIC RAI
  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  DVD 616.8 OBS
  Panic Attacks: Don't Panic  DVD 362.1 PAN
   Depression: Out of the Shadows DVD 616.8 DEP
  The Last Lecture  DVD 004 LAS
  Tuesdays with Morrie DVD FIC TUE
  Tempe Grandin DVD 791.45 TEM
  Dying to be Thin DVD 616.8 DYI
  The Medicated Child DVD 675 MED
  The Lobotomist DVD 617.4 LOB
  Patch Adams DVD FIC UNI
  Bullied: a student, a school, and a case that made history  DVD 371.58 BUL
   Addiction DVD 362.29 HBO
  And the Band Played On DVD 791.43 AND

Supplements and Safety DVD 612.3 SUP
  The Vaccine War DVD 614.4 VAC
  The Age of AIDS DVD 362.19 AGE

In the Womb DVD 612. IN
  Precious DVD 791.43 PRE

  Born on a Blue Day: inside the extraordinary mind of an autistic savant  362.1 TAM
   Don't Kill the Birthday Girl: tales from an allergic life 362.19 BEA
   Being Me with OCD: how I learned to obsess less and live my life 616.85 DOT
   Swallow the Ocean: a memoir 616.8 FLY
  Elena Vanishing 616.85 DUN
  Hope and Other Luxuries: a mother's life with a daughter's anorexia  616.8 DUN
  Laughing at my Nightmare 921 BUR
  Girl, Interrupted  616.89 KAY
  Shouting Won't Help: why I and 50,000,000 other Americans can't hear you 617.8 BOU
   The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks 616 SKL
  Crash Into Me: a survivor's search for justice 364.15 SEC
  Lucky 921 SEB
   Pandora's DNA: tracing the breast cancer genes through history, science, and one family tree 616.99 STA
   Breakthrough: how one teen innovator is changing the world  509.2 AND
   Positive: surviving my bullies, finding hope, and living to change the world  921 RAW
  How I Made it to Eighteen: a mostly true story 741.5 WHI
   Purge FIC LIT
   The Glass Castle: a memoir 921 WAL
  You Remind Me of You: a poetry memoir 811 COR my story  799.2 TAR
  Eating Disorder Survivors Tell Their Stories 616.8 CHI
  A Child Called "It": one child's courage to survive  362.76 PEL
  Tweak: growing up on methamphetamines  362.2 SHE
  The Lost Boy: a foster child's search for the love of a family 921 PEL
   Last Lecture 004 PAU
   Look Me in the Eye: my life with Aspberger's  362.19 ROB
   Madness: a bipolar life 616.89 HOR
   Ebola Outbreak 614.5 LAI

A Piece of Cake: a memoir 979.4 BRO
  ADHD and Me: what I learned from lighting fires at the dinner table 618.92 TAY

The Reason I Jump: the inner voice of a 13-year-old boy with Autism 616.85 HIG