Citation Machines

There are a lot of citation machines out there to make creating a bibliography easier, and here are just a few.  A word of warning; citation machines are only as good as the material you give them--and you must give that material in the right order!  Be careful when using ANY citation machine to double check the end results!

Google Docs  If you're using a Chromebook, or your Google account, did you know that Google Docs has its own built-in citation machine?  Once you are in Google Doc, Click "Tools" and you'll find it.

Chegg Textbook Service has two very good citation machines:  Easy Bib and Cite This For MeEasy Bib has a Chrome extension, so it plays well on a Chromebook.  Cite This for Me also offers a plagiarism checker and a topics page for getting started on your assignment--but you have to create a free account.

Zotero not only helps with citations, but will also alert you to available materials on your subject, allowing you to create a personal library on that particular subject.  Think of it as your favorite bookmarking tool that also offers the option of citing as well as collecting and organizing.